Info & Care

Shipping & Expected Timelines:

❀ Everything has free shipping/shipping included in the base price unless stated otherwise! I will try to ship your order out within a day or two after your purchase, however no matter what I will always ship items out every Monday and Friday! I use USPS First-Class Mail and USPS Priority Mail; Priority Mail is insured and tracked. Please send a message if you'd like tracking info.

Returns & Exchanges:

❀ I accept returns on non-comissioned items up to 14-days after purchase. I ask that you please pay return shipping unless the reason for return is because the item arrived broken or because there was a mistake on my part! If you have any concerns please just let me know!


Stained Glass Care & Information:


❀ Please refrain from using any acid or chemical cleaners, and instead just simply use some water and a mild dish soap or easy dusting if you need to wash any glass pieces. Just make sure to dry it off right after washing if it does get wet! From time to time the solder or lead may also naturally oxidize and leave a whitish substance on the piece, but you can just gently wipe with this off with a q-tip or a non-abrasive brush.


❀ My stained glass pieces unless stated otherwise are put together with solder or came that contains lead, and even though it poses no harm minimally touching it or hanging in your home, it's good practice to always wash your hands with soap and water after handling any stained glass piece made with this kind of solder to prevent unwanted exposure to lead. 


❀ Make sure to hang your piece as securely as you can, whether from a sturdy hook that has been screwed into something secure like a wall or ceiling stud, or hang it from something like a properly attached curtain rod if you can. You can use suction cups but they make me nervous as they often just can't handle the weight and are prone to popping off; they're just not something I would risk hanging something so fragile on if you can help it!